We are happy that we donated the kidney of my sister-in-law because we can still feel she is alive as her organs are helping someone live. We feel that by donating her kidney we have done a good thing. I appeal to the society to donate more and more organs.

-  Mr. Ashok Dhola, donor's family member

I donated the organs of my wife…I thought that her organs are of no use to her now but they will help someone else. My wife's kidney changed the life of a 17-year-old girl. Organ donation is not a business, money is not taken or given by anyone. I trust Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala and it is because of that I think that we should all come forward to donate organs

-   Mr. Barkat Vadsariya, donor's family member

We were convinced by Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala to donate organs and he was there with us for the entire night. If you don't donate organs, they will turn to ashes, it's better to donate and give someone a second birth.

-   Mr. Bhupenda Vatnala, donor's family member

Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala inspired and counselled me to donate the organs of my son. I felt that even though my son was going to heaven, his organs could make life better for those on Earth. I hope that every person joins the cause of organ donation to give a new life. I feel that the work that is done by Mr. Mandlewala and Donate Life is very deep and important.

-  Mr. Jashvant Patel, donor's family member

Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala counselled me to donate the organs of my father who was put on ventilator-support and declared brain-dead. I think that is a very noble thing where no expenses are incurred by the donor and recipient. I and my family are very happy after donating the organs of my father.

-  Mr. Ketul Taratiya, donor's family member

When we told our mother that our father was declared brain-dead and was put on ventilator-support, she showed courage and said that it was the last wish of our father that all of his organs should be donated. It is due to the efforts of Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala that it was made possible. Today we feel that our father is alive in this world, through someone else. I want to appeal to others to take the same path as my mother and create awareness about organ donation.

-  Mr. Ajay Vijay Shah, donor's family member

My friend had been an accident in Valsad and was shifted to Surat as there was a lack of neurosurgeon in Valsad. He was declared brain-dead. We obtained the consent of his wife for organ donation via mobile as his family members were not here. Donate Life also helped us to send the body of my friend back to his village. Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala was with us continuously and helped us go through every procedure. I request people to join initiatives like Donate Life for organ donation so that more people get a new life.

-  Mr. Subbarao, donor P.V. Ramkrishna Rao's friend

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