A number of lives are saved due to organ donation. To motivate the family members to donate the organs during the tough time when their loved one is on the deathbed is the difficult work that Nileshbhai and his organization are doing. I would like to express my gratitude and congratulations for the same. Their efforts have made Gujarat proud.

-  Shri Vijay Rupani (Chief Minister of Gujarat)

I would like to congratulate Donate Life's team, well-wishers, supporters and hospitals for their efforts for the noble cause of organ donation. I also congratulate the family members of organ donors. Donation is like an organ of religion in India. And a donation that saves a life is of the highest kind. There are two kinds of human nature - selfless and selfish. Majority of us cannot go beyond being selfish while some go one step ahead and do acts of selflessness. Donate Life & the family members of organ donors are selfless, doing humanitarian work. I am very happy to know that this organization also takes care of the education of the children of poor organ donors. This another important aspect of their humanitarian work. Organ donation is a tradition present in India since the ancient times. I would like to give my best wishes to the president of Donate Life who has not restricted the facilities of transplantation to Indians but also helped people abroad.

-  Hon'ble Governor of Gujarat Shri O.P Kohli

Organ donation is the biggest kind of donation. Your donation just gives a new life to one person but to the entire family, when you donate organs. The entire process of organ donation - right from organ harvesting to organ transplantation - needs perfect time management and preparedness. It is not new to donate organs in Indian culture and tradition. There is a lack of awareness in India due to certain beliefs and myths. I am very happy to know that Surat stands first among the cities in Gujarat in this cause. And what the inspirers, Donate Life, and the organ donors are doing is the best service to humanity. I was told that Donate Life has made an impact in the lives of 582 individuals to date. I hope that this function encourages people to donate their organs. I congratulate Donate Life, its supporters, and people who have come forward to donate their organs for their noble efforts. I would like to tell you Nileshji for you and Donate Life, go ahead - not just Gujarat, the whole country is with you.

-  Hon'ble President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind

It is such a beautiful thing that when we won't be there in this world, even then our heart will beat in the body on someone else. We won't be living, but we will still be alive. Nileshbhai has helped people across the country and has become an inspiration - his role in this world is very valuable. All of us, Indians have seeds of compassion in our hearts but it is Nileshbhai who is helping those seeds grow into plants. It takes a lot of courage to go in front of the family who has just lost their loved one and ask them to donate organs - he has kept his respect second and the noble cause first. It is because of his unparalleled dedication that there is a smile on the faces of so many people in the country. We should join Nileshbhai in this initiative and make his initiative even more powerful. Many many congratulations to him and his team.

-  Param Pujya Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambharaji

There is not a greater deed than the donation of an organ by one person which saving the lives of many others. This organisation has saved many lives so far. I have also told my family to donate my organs, when I pass away. You need a strong heart to donate and I congratulate Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala, the doctors in the hospitals and the brave organ donors along with their families for participating in this life-saving cause.

-  Smt. Anandiben Patel (The Then Chief Minister Of Gujarat)

Donate Life is for the betterment of the future of the mankind, for giving the gift of life to people. The team of Donate Life are doing a godly act of giving a second life to the people on Earth. This is very big service to humanity. There is awareness about blood donation in India but not enough for organ donation due to a misunderstanding that if you donate your organs in this life, you wouldn't get the organ in your next birth. This is not the truth. Donate your organs, so even after you die, your heart can give life to someone else and your eyes can see through someone else. My best wishes to Donate Life and I hope that they continue their efforts in the future and keep serving people.

-  Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev

Nileshbhai has a very different thinking. He is working hard to help those who are dealing with organ failure and giving them a new lease of life - not just to the patient but to their entire family. My blessings are with Nileshbhai and wish that he lives very long. I also hope that he becomes a ray of hope for the entire society. I request everyone to create awareness about the noble cause of organ donation.

-  Param Pujya Swami Ambrishanandji

I am very much impressed after hearing about Donate Life and it's efforts. I got to know a lot of things for the first time and I appreciate the purity with which Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala and his team are working for the cause of organ donation. I am sure that this movement of Donate Life will bring positivity in the society.

-   Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan (Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas)

Donate life has come forward to start a new initiative - an initiative that is here to fulfill Surat's needs. This need cannot be fulfilled only through money. If a person has crores of rupees but does not get an organ donation on time, then enjoying a good life would not be possible for him - the support for many families will get snatched. Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala, is working selflessly - he is not even a medical student and this is not his subject but even then he has helped save lives and families from going through loss and pain. It is because of him that many people have got a new hope of life. I wish all the very best for the future endeavours of Donate Life.

-  Shri C.R. Paatil (Member Of Parliament)

Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala gave a new identity to Surat and made it an example for organ donation for the rest of the country. Today, in India, even if a person wants to donate his heart, there is a lack of a mechanism. It is because of people like him that the society and the country are functioning. Mr. Nileshbhai is doing a very good job and is a selfless role model for us. Many congratulations to him.

-  Dr. Subhash Chandra ( Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and Chairman, Essel Group & ZEE)

It is an angelic work what Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala and Donate Life are doing in the field of organ donation. They are saving the lives of people. We encourage and congratulate the entire team. We are ready to help the team in every way possible in the society and in Gujarat. Once again, I congratulate the entire team for how exemplary Surat has been for entire India.

-  Mr. Purnesh Modi ( MLA, Surat-West Gujarat & Former President of BJP, Surat )

There is a huge difference in living for yourself and living for others. Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala has taken up the hard work of living for others by being a mediator between the donors and the recipients. It is not easy to convince the family members of a patient to donate organs; I think when Mr. Mandlewala would be going to create awareness among people, many would be looking at him like he is their enemy. How difficult would it be for him to continue his work in this noble cause in spite of all the hurdles. He is spending a lot of personal resources for a very long time for this cause - and I hope that he gets all the support he needs. My best wishes are with him and his organisation.

-  Mr. Mahendra Patel IAS (The Then Collector Of Surat)

First, Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala used to create awareness about organ donation alone but now he has set up a trust named Donate Life to help people. It is a very important and time-essential work to ensure that the organs are transferred from the donor to the recipient, which Mr. Mandlewala is doing very well. Mr. Mandlewala told me that we lack awareness in India as compared to other countries in the world and more than 2 lakh people are awaiting a kidney transplant. I urge you to spread awareness and donate organs. I give my best wishes to the entire team.

-  Mr. Ashish Bhatia (The Then Commissioner of Police, Surat)

It is a very big noble cause what Donate Life is doing. Even today, organ donation is a new thing in our country. We all should come forward to contribute to it. The message you are sending will spread far and wide and the society at large will benefit.

-  Mr. V.M.Pargi (The Then Special Commissioner Of Police (Traffic & Crime), Surat)

To be of help to someone else is considered to be the most important value in our ancient religious texts. It is a huge thing to give the gift of life to someone and when Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala & his teams are working in that direction, selflessly, that increases the responsibility of all of us towards the cause. When a man gets tired, he just needs a support, a ray of hope - that is what we have to give to the world. This initiative is the need of the day and we are all with Mr. Mandlewala and his team in this initiative. I am proud to say that it is because of the actions of people like him that we are able to maintain a balance in this world. My heartfelt congratulations to him and his team.

-  Mr. Daxesh Thakkar ( The Then Vice-Chancellor Of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University)

I want to appreciate Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala's efforts for his hard work without expecting anything in return. He is giving a new hope to those who have given up. He patiently explains the need for organ donation to the family members of a brain-dead patient and ensures that the complete process of organ donation is done smoothly, whether it is day or night without getting angry or irritated by all the obstacles he has to go through. No matter how much appreciation we give to this initiative, it will be less.

-  Mrs. Gunjan Mishra ( Chief Income Tax Commissioner, Surat (2013-14))

For the first time I saw the enthusiasm in people to support the cause of organ donation and this has been made possible by Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala and his team. There is a huge gap between donors and recipient and we are unable to much about it. If Mr. Mandlewala in Surat can bridge the gap, why can't we do it across the country? I want to thank Mr. Mandlewala for doing such commendable work.

-  Dr. Vimal Bhandari ( The Then Director Of NOTTO)

Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala, who is himself an industrialist, took interest in the topic of organ donation which was completely unknown to him. He began his efforts in 2004 and later set up a trust in 2014 to create awareness in the society. I urge you to pledge your organs, till you are alive. Due to Mr. Mandlewala's efforts, even the government is understanding the importance of organ donation and creating green corridors to transfer organs in time. He has spread awareness through various mediums like street programmes, celebrity programmes, taught kids about organ donation etc. Such NGOs are needed today because they are selfless. He spends the whole night and stands by the donor's family in every single procedure until the cremation. He is a strong pillar of support and guidance for the families of the donors and his efforts eliminate fear from the minds of the people. Donate Life's contribution is huge and I wish that Donate Life spreads their noble initiative not just in Surat but across the country. My best wishes with the organisation.

-  Dr. Pranjal Modi ( Professor & HOD -Transplantation and Urology, IKDRC, Ahmedabad)

We have been inspired by Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala and Donate Life. 25% of our donors have come from Surat and because of their efforts. I have no words to appreciate the dedication and efforts that have been done by Mr. Mandlewala. He helps the family of the organ donors in distress and is always there for them and helps the family even for cremation. Mr.Mandlewala also extends financial help to the families who are very poor. Organisations like Donate Life are must in today's world.

-  Dr. Anvay Mulay ( Chief Cardiac Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Mumbai)

Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala has sent organs not just in cities of Gujarat but in various places across India. Donate Life is setting an example for us to follow. The more the activities of people like Mr. Mandlewala increases, the more will be the awareness. It is an appeal to all of you to join in the crusade to create awareness.

-  Dr. Dhaval Naik ( Chief Cardiac Surgeon & Heart-Transplant Surgeon, CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad)

Since many years we have seen the dedication of Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala who makes himself available 24x7 for the counselling of the family members of a brain-dead patient. Now with Donate Life, trust, this initiative will make a much larger impact. I promise my support to Donate Life on behalf of all neurologists for this noble cause of organ donation.

-  Dr. Anirudha Apte (Neurophysician)

2006 was when I met Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala. We went to Pardi hospital at 2 a.m in the night to declare a patient brain-dead. We have gone to various places in Gujarat to declare a person brain-dead, receiving support from all doctors for the cause of organ donation. I want to request everyone that whenever you get to know about a brain-dead patient near you, then please take a step forward to create awareness about organ donation and contact Donate Life. The time has come.

-  Dr. Ashok Patel ( Neurosurgeon)

Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala has been working as a one-man army. Though he is a non-medico but his knowledge about organ donation is exemplary. He does effective counselling of the family members of the organ donor and he ensures that proper harvesting is done. Irrespective of their caste, creed or sex, organs have been received by recipients and a new lease of life is given to them. I am sure that whatever Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala has done is extraordinary and it requires special guts and special untiring efforts. His efforts should be appreciated. This is a service to mankind.

-  Mr. Kamlesh Yagnik ( President, The Southern Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (2013-2014))

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