'Not Everyone Has The Chance To Be God For Another; You Do'

We are as determined as soldiers are on a mission. These are our aims:

  • To spread knowledge and awareness that aids in the prevention of kidney and liver diseases.
  • To spread awareness about cadaver organ donations in the country among the people.
  • To facilitate the process of organ donations right from procuring the organs from a donor to making sure that the recipient gets a new lease of life.
  • To instill hope among the people for a new life, even after they have given up.
  • To convince the families of those patients who are declared brain-dead to donate organs and remove fear from the minds of the people and encourage them to pledge their organs for donation.
  • To help the people cope with the mental trauma that comes when they are suffering during the diseases.
  • Networking with hospitals that are capable of handling organ transplantation procedure.

Each and everyone of us at Donate Life contribute our time and energy without any commercial motive, solely for the benefit of the humanity and large.

‘With Awareness Comes Knowledge, With Knowledge Comes Change’

Our prime focus has always been and will always be to serve humanity unconditionally. Our vision is to bridge the gap between the number of people who need organs and the number of people who donate organs. We want to ensure that the maximum number of people pledge their organs for donation.We also aim to make the process of organ transplantation smoother and faster.

There are so many people who are declared brain dead and are beyond the scope of revival from that point. If transferred at the right time, the organs of these patients may help so many people and give them hope. Through the awareness, we spread and the counselling of the family members of such patients, we want more people to come forward and voluntarily pledge their organs for donation along with asking their families to make sure that their wish is complied with after their death. This is how we can prevent a large number of deaths - with an assurance that the organ of your loved one will live longer and provide hope to another.

We work in accordance with the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994 and Transplantation of Human Organs Rules, 1995. We are also registered as a ‘Trust' under Section 80 (G) (5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

‘You Can Live Twice’


If everyone thought about the world even for a few minutes in the day, half our problems would get solved right then. We strongly believe in selflessness, and giving it back to the society.

Social Responsibility

We know that the world does not work on it’s own. When the society as a whole takes up collective responsibility, that is when problems get solved. We have a strong sense of social responsibility and we strongly uphold it at every step.


Not everyone is born the same, not everyone is born fortunate. We don’t just express solidarity but also act on it. We want to reduce the suffering in the world and are pro-actively working towards our goal every day.The world needs love and care. We do our part in it.


To be able to counsel a person who is suffering through pain, we need to be empathetic. We don’t just understand but also feel what they are going through and then counsel them out of their mental trauma.


Nothing in life comes easy. As an NGO, we face a lot of hurdles everyday and often have to race against time in order to transfer one organ from one place to another. We work hard as the task at our hand is to save someone’s life and not let someone’s wish to donate go in vain.

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