1. Eat Healthy:

    Avoid high-salt, high-sugar and high-fat foods that harm your health in massive ways. Eat pure vegetables and fruits every day and don't eat junk food. Even if it is impossible to go without eating junk food, keep it at the minimum.

    Avoid canned and packaged goods and don't forget to eat local and pick seasonal vegetables and fruits. Eat multiple times a day, rather than filling your stomach completely in one go.

  2. Drink Sufficient Water:

    Drinking water is not just important for kidney health but also for the health of your other body organs. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, without fail. In summers, increase it as per your capacity.

    Lack of water in the body, directly affects the cells. Cells that don't maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes shrivel, which can result in muscle fatigue. To put it simply, water carries nutrients to our cells and carries away the waste from it. Now can judge what the absence of water will do to your body. There are applications now that remind you do drink water, if you forget.

  3. Avoid Drinking And Smoking:

    Alcohol and tobacco directly damage your lungs and liver. Many cases of liver and lung failure attribute to excessive drinking and smoking in India. Indulge in self-control and take help to de-addict if necessary before it is too late.

    There are many de-addiction programmes that are available in India that you can join for help.

  4. Exercise And Maintain A Healthy Weight:

    One study once revealed that obesity increases the chances of a brain stroke. Ensure that your wait is optimum and if it is not, decrease it. There are weight-loss programmes in India that will help you shed kilos.

    Also, exercising is extremely vital to our body. Studies have shown that exercising can not only help your muscles and tissues but it also boosts happiness along with improving overall brain health. It also increases your energy levels - the higher the energy the lesser the chances of a sedentary lifestyle.

  5. Do Constant Tests:

    In India we have a mentality of going to the doctor only after something goes wrong. Keep a habit of doing annual tests. This will keep you ahead of your disease and it won't catch you off-guard. Also, if a disease is diagnosed in the early stages, the chances of you being cured are more than otherwise.

    Also, monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, regularly.

  6. Do Not Take OTCs Regularly:

    OTCs or Over-The-Counter pills like paracetamol tablets (crocin, combiflame etc.) are not be consumed regularly. They can, in the long run, cause heavy damage to your kidneys if consumed recklessly.

    Also, take care of your mental health as how you feel mentally, affects your all the other bodily functions drastically

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