I am extremely thankful to Donate Life. Because of this organisation that Sohelbhai could undergo a heart transplant. His life has changed and he is feeling very happy. I request the people to come forward to donate organs so many others like Sohelbhai may get a second birth. If we help someone, that help will come back to us someday when we need it. Donate Life under the leadership of Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala is a doing a great job, I am very grateful to them because without this organisation we would never know that a heart transplant was possible.

-  Family member of heart recipient Mr. Sohel Vohra

I was going through a lot of trouble, I used to vomit every day. I tried many hospitals but I couldn't get treated anywhere. Then the doctors at Fortis Hospital said that I would need a heart transplant. My mother cried a lot and called my father who said that now everything will happen through God’s wish. The first two hearts I got had some problems but then a boy gave me the gift of life and his heart was successfully transplanted into my body. I am going to be eternally grateful to him and his parents…I say thank you, thank you, thank you to him. My heart came from Surat via air and now I am able to walk - I even climbed up one floor! I take the blessings of Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala that he made this possible for me…thank you, thank you, thank you.

-  Mr. Rahul Karad (Heart Recipient)

I was suffering since 2011…I used to drink only 1 litre of water for four years and had a lot of trouble walking. I am extremely grateful to Donate Life NGO and Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala and to Jagdishbhai Patel from Surat who donated his heart to me. I want to devote a lot of time for this cause of organ donation and I request other people to also donate their organs. This would not have been possible without the efforts of Donate Life. It is miracle! Now I am living a normal life.

-  Mr. Rajan Desai (Heart Recipient)

"I got to know about Donate Life and how the majority of organs were coming from Gujarat. I was following their awareness events for some time. Recently, my child got the heart of a 14-month old baby and I have no words to thank the donor's parents and Donate Life. They are God to me. I am speechless.

-  Yogesh Mule, heart recipient Aradhya Mule's father

My daughter got a new life because of a heart that came from Surat. She is now living a normal life. Donate Life is next to God for us…even if we wash their feet and drink the water, it will be less. Thank you so much, may God give them a lot of strength and make them successful in all their future endeavours

-  Sharad Anturekar, heart recipient Ravina's father

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