‘Someone Somewhere Is Always In Need Of Help’

Donate Life with the support from hospitals, doctors, Surat civil hospital, Surat police department, Surat Airport Authority, Surat Municipal Corporation, press and media and our volunteers has made an impact in the lives of many souls, giving them a new lease of life.

In 2017, Surat achieved a new milestone by donating the 62 kidney in one year. Surat was able to give a new lease of life to 127 persons across the country by transplantation of 9 heart, 52 kidney, 28 liver, 2 pancreas and 38 eyes was done through the efforts of Donate Life.

Donate Life has and is doing wide-range of efforts to spread awareness about organ donation and in making the process smoother. This is what we do:

Donate Life bears medical expenses for:

  • Keeping brain-dead patient in good condition before Cadaver Organ Donation can take place.
  • We ensure that the blood pressure of the patient is maintained.
  • Different tests such as RFT, LFT, 2DECO and angiography to know quality of the organs.
  • Transportation expenses of cadaver donor’s dead body from one city to anywhere in India, with the help of Surat Municipal Corporation.
  • Education expense of children of cadaver donor in cases where the donor was the only earning member of the family.

We create 360-degree awareness through:

  • Organising talk shows in schools & colleges
  • Conducting seminars & exhibitions to create more awareness
  • Stage street plays to attract public attention
  • Spreading awareness during various festivals throughout the year
  • Walkathons for the cause of organ donation
  • We request various spiritual leaders to help spread awareness about organ donation to their followers.
  • We use mediums of radio, television and all kinds of media to promote awareness for the noble cause of organ donation

We have educated more than 10 lakh people about cadaver organ donation.

We play the role of a bridge between organ donor and recipient.

We do counselling of brain-dead patient’s family and request them to understand the importance of organ donation.

Also, we network with organ procuring organisations in Gujarat.(IKDRC-Ahmedabad, ROTTO(Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation - Mumbai & NOTTO (National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation).

Donate Life felicitates the organ donors’ family members through the hands of spiritual leaders and dignitaries.

In Gujarat we are the pioneers for the following:

  • The first ever intercity Cadaver Kidney Transfer and Transplant from Surat to IKDRC, Ahmedabad in January, 2006.
  • The first ever interstate Cadaver Liver transfer and transplant from Surat, Gujarat to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh was done in February, 2006.
  • The The first ever interstate Cadaver Lung Donation from Surat, Gujarat to Bangalore was done in May, 2019.
  • The first ever Inter State Heart transfer and transplant in Western India was done from Surat, Gujarat to Mumbai, Maharashtra in Fortis Hospital in December, 2015.
  • The first ever inter state heart transfer and transplant was done from Surat, Gujarat to,Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s Fortis Malhar Hospital in March 2017 and Indore, Madhya Pradesh’s CHL Hospital in August 2017.
  • The first ever foreigner Heart Transplant in Western India was done from Surat, Gujarat to Mumbai, Maharashtra in Fortis Hospital in April, 2017.
  • The first ever Heart Transfer from South Gujarat and Transplant in CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad was done from Surat in June, 2017.
  • First time in Gujarat, bones were procured from brain dead patients through the initiative of Donate Life.
  • Till December 2017, 45% Cadaveric kidney and liver transplant in Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Center (IKDRC) Ahmedabad, Gujarat and 20% Heart Transplant in Fortis Hospital, Mumbai is done by persuasion and procurement of Cadaver Organ Donation by Donate Life. Also, out of the four heart transplants that have taken place at Ahmedabad's CIMS hospital, two have been donated from Surat through Donate Life.

Why do we do Such Activities?

There is no one to bridge the gap between organ donors and organ transplant institute as no one shows interest. Hospitals, Trauma Centres and Transplantation Institutes are not interested to play an active role as they might be perceived as interested parties. Also, due to the trauma and also due to lack of awareness the family members of the brain-dead patient don't know and think about organ donation.

This is the point of time when Donate Life steps in and explains the importance to the family members of the patients and how important it is to donate the person's organs. Once we convince them, the matter is handed over to the transplantation institute. We assist in all kinds of help that is needed to successfully conduct organ transplantation and spread smiles on the face of many.

Donate Life also takes the responsibility of the education of the children of brain-dead patients who belong to economically weaker sections of the society. Also, Donate Life does not accept any kind of financial donation from the families of those who are the recipients of organs.

Till Date We have given a new lease of Life to more than 800 People across India & The Globe

YearsNo of CadaverCadaver Kidney DonationCadaver Kidney Transplanted in PersonsCadaver Liver DonationCadaver Liver ransplanted in PersonsPancreases TransplantHeart TransplantLung TransplantCorneaBones
2006 7 14 13 2 2 0 0 0 14 0
2007 5 10 9 0 0 0 0 0 10 0
2008 10 20 18 4 4 0 0 0 16 0
2009 6 12 10 6 6 0 0 0 2 0
2010 11 22 20 1 1 0 0 0 8 0
2011 6 12 11 4 4 0 0 0 8 0
2012 2 4 4 2 2 0 0 0 4 0
2013 8 16 14 5 5 3 0 0 16 0
2014 6 12 11 6 6 0 0 0 10 0
2015 17 34 25 16 12 0 1 0 24 0
2016 27 54 47 27 24 1 6 0 46 4
2017 31 62 52 29 28 2 9 0 38 0
2018 28 54 47 24 22 0 4 0 34 0
2019 18 28 26 16 14 1 4 4 28 0
2020 10 20 19 10 10 1 5 6 18 0
14th March 2021 4 8 5 4 4   1 2 8 0
Total 196 382 331 156 144 8 31 12 284 4
Total 871 Organs & Tissues donated which has given New Life & Vision to 800 persons across Country & Globe.

We thank the following for lending us support in our noble cause:

- The donors' families who have believed in our motto 'let's live even after death through organ donation'
- The doctors and hospitals who have co-operated and understood the need for organ donation
- For the support from Government Medical College, Nursing Association
- Support from Surat Municipal Corporation for undertaking the expenses for the transfer of dead bodies, which was borne by us before
- Support from the Surat City Police for green corridor notification & for letter from the Commissioner Of Police of Surat that allows us to carry out our work hassle-free and support from Airport Authority Of Surat for for providing night landing and take-off facilities.
- Support from various media and news outlets for supporting our cause of organ donation.
- Support from the volunteers of Donate Life who made this possible.

Donate Life's Future Plans:

To set up Skin, Bone & Tissue Bank which will benefit:

A. Patients suffering from 80% burning of skin
B. Patient suffering from cancer & major fracture
C. Small children suffering from problem of heart valves

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