January 17, 2017

Name: Vinubhai Vallabhbhai Jogani

Age: 55

Blood Group: B +ve

Address: 329, Gokuldham Society, Nr. Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Canal Road, Kamrej, Surat.

Native of: Kerada, Dist. Laathi, Amreli

Family Details:

Wife: Kailashben Vinubhai Jogani, Age: 50 years

Daughters : 1. Alkaben Ankitbhai , Age: 27

2. Nikunja Vinubhai Jogani, Age: 22

Son: 1. Bhavesh Vinubhai Jogani, Age: 25

Was involved in the value-addition Job work activity on sarees purchased from the textile market

2. Pradeep Vinubhai Jogani, Age: 19

Working as a Diamond artist in Varachha

Details of the incident:

On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, when Vinubhai left for the Textile Market from his home at 1.05 PM; his bike was hit by a bus driver, he got serious injuries in his head & fainted there. Hence, he was immediately admitted to P.P. Savani Heart Institute by 108 ambulance. After giving him primary treatment, he was admitted to Ashutosh Hospital for further treatment. There a CT Scan report diagnosed a blood clotting in his brain. Neurosurgeon Dr. Mehul Modi removed the blood clotting through craniotomy.

Vinubhai was shifted to Aayush ICU & Multi specialty hospital from the Ashutosh Hospital On Friday, 13th January, 2016, under the observation of Neurosurgeon Dr. Hashmukh Sojitra.

On Saturday, 14th January, 2016, Vinubhai was declared as braindead by Neurosurgeon Dr. Hashmukh Sojitra and Neurophysician Dr. Bhadresh Mangukiya.

Chief Medical Officer of Aayush ICU & Multi specialty hospital Dr. Ramesh Patel contact the President of Donate Life Shri Nilesh Mandlewala and informed him about Vinubhai’s brain death.

The team of Donate Life met the family members of Vinubhai – Shri Chetanbhai Polera, Brother of Vinubhai, Sons Bhavesh and Pradeep and others in Vinubhai’s family to inform them and make understand about the importance of organ donation.

Vinubhai’s sons Bhavesh and Pradeep said that our father is braindead and his death is certain. So it’s better to donate his precious organs and save the lives of kidney & liver failure patients rather than burning his organs to ashes.

On getting a consent from the family members, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala contacted the Transplant Coordinator Shri Priyaben Shah and Dr. Pranjal Modi at Institute of Kidney Diseases & Research Centre (IKDRC), Ahmedabad to come & collect the kidney & liver donation.

Dr. Jamal Rizvi and his team from IKDRC, Ahmedabad came to procure the donation of kidney and liver, whereas the donation of eyes was procured by Dr. Praful Shiroya of Lokdrashti Eye Bank.

Both the kidneys procured have been kept for the research. And the liver has been transplanted to Shri Rajaram Omkaar Patel (Age 44) living in Vadodara.

This liver transplant was carried out by Dr. Pranjal Modi at IKDRC, Ahmedabad.

During the whole process of organ donation, Vinubhai’s sons Pradeep and Bhavesh, his brother Shri Chetanbhai Polera, relative Shri Nanubhai Baddha and other family members, Neurosurgeon Dr. Hashmukh Sojitra, Neurophysician Dr. Bhadresh Mangukiya , Chief Medical Officer & Administrators of Aayush ICU & Multi specialty hospital, Dr. Ramesh Patel, President of Donate Life Shri Nilesh Mandlewala immensely co-operated toward making this transplant a success.

So far Shri Nilesh Mandlewala and the Donate Life team have successfully regenerated 420 lives by counseling the family members of braindead persons to procure donation of 182 Kidneys, 68 Livers, 4 Pancreas, 7 Hearts and 160 Eyes.