February 09, 2017

Three years old Aaradhya Mule from Mumbai is a lovely cute girl who enjoys her life with her parent. She loves to go

out and play around with her friends. But a big question is, how well she can do all this? She is diagnosed with end

stage heart disease and since then, her father Yogesh Mule is running at different corners of the country to find a

heart donor for her. Unfortunately, still he has not found anyone.

Mule family got the shocking news on 8 April 2016 when doctors informed them about Aaradhya’s disease. Since then

they are not leaving any stone untouched and even they have also used social networking sites to spread the

message in hope to receive some help from the Government of India. It is a tough time for Yogesh and his wife

Pratibha since April 2016 as Aaradhya has to be admitted in hospital for at least 15 days every month. The couple can

not stop their tears and even the life is getting difficult from them as they have a challenge to make Aaradhya happy

every moment.

Aaradhya with her father Yogesh and Mother Pratibha Mule

The heart disease of Aaradhya has only one solution and that is heart transplant. Day and night Yogesh and Pratibha

search for the heart donor who can save life of litter Aaradhya. Due to heavy and regular dose of medicines,

she suffers from breathlessness and also is unable to be active like earlier.

Aaradhya Mule needs heart donor


Fond of pickle and chocolates, Aaradhya can not eat her favorite food. She is in a hope that sooner she can enjoy the

food of her liking. Her parents are in a hoop that sooner they can find a hear donor for her. Everyday many people in

your city are declared brain dead by many hospitals. With all your efforts, if heart of any such patient can save life of

this little daughter, nothing best gift you can give to anyone in your life.

There are many people who die because of organ failures every year in India. They need organ donors who can donate

their organs after their brain death. You can spread the Cadaver Organ Donation awareness to maximum people in a

hope that many life Aaradhya can save their lives by donating their organs after brain death and their parents can not

let the ray of hope destroy.

Please help her.