January 16, 2017

Surat: In order to raise awareness on Organ Donation, Donate Life organized a Program of Kite Flying Festival Celebration on Sunday, 7th January, 2017 at the ground of K. P. Commerce College, Surat.

Dr. Vimalbhai Bhandari, Director, NOTTO (National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization), who was the Chief Guest of this Kite Flying Festival celebration, said that it was beyond imagination to spread awareness of Organ Donation at the Kite Flying Festival. However, Shri Nileshbhai brought it into reality. After the death, the human soul goes to the divine and the organs of human body are burnt. On the other hand if these organs are donated, this organ donation by one person saves 8 lives. We wish that SOTTO (State Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) is set up in Surat. Every year almost one & half lakh people die of accident. Out of that if 10% people donate their organs, then lives of the patients who die due to non-availability of organs can be saved.>

President of Donate Life, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala informed that every year more than 5 lakh people die due to the non-availability of organs. With this Kite Flying Festival, we wish to send across a message to the citizens & society to come ahead for donating the organs of a brain dead person in the family so that the organ patients like (Kidney, Liver and Heart ) can be given new life. Kites with the message of Organ Donation were also distributed to the citizen participants as part of celebrating the Kite flying festival. The message of Organ Donation was also conveyed through several posters at this program.

Mayor of Surat, Smt. Asmitaben Shiroya, who remained present during the program, said that the citizens celebrate kite flying festival for fun & entertainment. But Donate Life has organized this celebration of kite flying festival as part its awareness program. Real life of a person after the Heart Transplant can be seen here. Human life is very precious. We can’t measure the price of each organ. I would like to congratulate Shri Nileshbhai & his team for carrying out such noble activity.

District Collector, Shri Mahendra Patel told that whenever anyone’s relative is declared as brain dead, the brain dead persons’ organs should be donated. However, convincing people to donate the organs of their family member is the most difficult task. Such organ donation brings a new lease of life to others. Enlightening the life of the organ receiver through organ donation makes his suffering trivial. Now, the Heart Transplant has begun in Gujarat also. The team of Donate Life is working towards bringing awareness of Organ Donation among the youth. Hence, I would like to congratulate them.

Police Commissioner Shri Satish Sharma said that Donate Life has created excellent platform for the organ donors and organ receivers by organizing such program. The civilians should take an inspiration to donate organs after brain death.

The kite flying festival organized by Donate Life, witnessed the presence of the family members of organ donors, organ recipients and their family members, Mayor Smt. Asmita Shiroya,Collector Shri Mahendra Patel, Police Commissioner Shri Satish Sharma, Range IG Dr. Samsher Singh, Dr. Mukul Choksi, Dr. Praful Chhasatiya, Dr. Prashant Nayak, Dr. Dhiren Patel, Dr. Asit Desai, SGCCI President, Shri B.S. Agrawal, Chairman of Sarvajanik Education Society, Shri Yatish Parekh, Dy. Mayor, Shri Shankerbhai Chevli, Chairman of Permanent Committee, Shri Rajesh Desai, Chairman of Town Primary Education Committee, Shri Hashmukh Patel, CREDAI President, Shri Jasmat Vidia, Shri Anubhai Tejani, Vice President of Donate Life & Income Tax Commissioner of New Delhi, Shri Sandeeep Kumar, Representatives of various NGOs, Political Leaders and citizens in large number; who took the message of Organ Donation by participating in this kite flying festival.