December 26, 2016

Name: Lt.Jayesh Babubhai Goyani

Age: 29

Resident: Surat

Native: Village – Sukhpar, District – Bhavnagar

Occupation: Service in diamond factory

Family Details

Father: Babubhai Rajabhai Goyani(53), Working in a diamond factory

Mother: Muktaben Babubhai Goyani (49)

 Wife: Rinnaben Jayeshbhai Goyani (27)

Daughter: Navya Jayeshbhai Goyani (6)

Jayesh Babubhai Goyani (29) was working in a diamond factory in Surat. On 18th December, he was found unconscious in bathroom in the company. He was admitted to P.P.Savani heart institute by the colleagues of his company. After CT Scan, Doctor found blood clot in brain. For further treatment he was shifted to Ashutosh Hospital on the same day under supervision of Neurosurgeon Dr. Kirit Shah where he was operated. Still he could not survive and on 20 December 2016, he was declared brain dead by Neurophysician Dr. Aniruddh Apte and Neurosurgeon Dr.Kirit Shah.

Dr.Kirit shah then called Donate Life President Mr.Nilesh Mandlewala to inform him about Jayesh’s Brain Death. Team Donate Life rushed to the hospital and did counseling with Jayesh father Shri Babubhai, Uncle Shri Manjibhai and Gokulbhai and other family members. After counseling, Shri Babubhai (father of Jayesh) and other family members said that “We regularly read the news about cadaver organ donation in newspapers, today when our son has been declared brain dead, we are aware that he won’t survive anymore, so rather than turning his organs into ashes we would donate his organs as it will give  new lease of life and vision to organ failure patients ”. Thus Family members consciously decided to donate the organs. Hence, the President of Donate Life, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala, called coordinator Priya Shah and Dr.Pranjal Modi from Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC), Ahmedabad and requested them to accept the donation of the kidneys, Pancreas and liver. Dr. Pranjal Modi, Dr.Jamal Rizvi along with their team rushed from IKDRC and accepted donation of pancreas, kidneys and liver. Donation of eyes were accepted by Dr.Praful Shiroya from Lokdrashti Chakshu bank.

Dual Transplant of pancreas and one kidney was done into Yatin Patel (age 32) living in Karamsad. Another kidney was transplanted into Rekhaben Bhesaniya (age 41) living in Ahmedabad and Liver was transplanted into Pradip Shah (age 58) living in Vadodara. The transplant of pancreas, kidneys and liver were completed at IKDRC, Ahmedabad by Dr.Pranjal Modi, Dr.Jamal Rizvi and their team.

This was the first incident through Donate Life wherein Pancreas and a Kidney was transplanted into a single patient.

Lt. Jayesh is our hero and his family members are our heroes as well as they all agreed for cadaver organ donation. We salute Lt.Jayesh and his family members. We are thankful to Hospitals, doctors and all the staff members of the hospitals for spreading awareness of cadaver organ donation and helping us saving more lives.

Till date, from Surat and South Gujarat through the counseling of Family Members of brain dead patients, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala and team Donate Life has been successful to procure 178 kidneys, 65 livers, 4 pancreases, 7 hearts, and 156 eyes which gave new lease of life and vision to 409 people across the country.

We request all the people of the society to create the awareness of cadaver organ donation and make other people hero too. Call us for any information regarding cadaver organ donation. We would happy to give information to any member of the society. Let’s join hands to save lives by cadaver organ donation.
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