December 02, 2016

To mark a celebration of Indian Organ Donation Day on 27th November, 2016, Surat based NGO, Donate Life organized first of its kind initiative called DONATE LIFE SURAT WALKATHON’16. During the program Shri Nilesh Mandlewala, President, Donate Life, shared information related to the functioning & activities carried out by Donate Life. Talking about the Organ Donation in India, he said that in India every year more than 5 lakh people (suffering from organ failure) die due to the non-availability of organs. And year by year approximately 2 lakh more patients are adding this number. And the situation for diseases related to Heart, Liver and Pancreas is same. As many as 9 lives can be regenerated with the organ donation of one person. Hence, the objective of organizing DONATE LIFE SURAT WALKATHON’16 is to aware more & more people about the importance of organ donation.

DONATE LIFE SURAT WALKATHON’16 acted as a comprehensive awareness program, which aimed to –

  • Bring awareness of critical need for more organ donors and educate the masses about life saving power of organ donation
  • Encourage the participants to pledge for donating organs after brain death and to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation amongst their family members. (Because pledging to donate organs doesn’t ensure that organs will be used for saving lives in future unless the donors convince their families for donating organs after his death). Thus saving the life of organ failure patients with the organs donated by brain dead persons
  • Dispel misconceptions surrounding organ donation. Most importantly it will make one understand that if you express the desire to donate your organs then it will only happen after your death and that too only after the consent of your relatives

Shri Ganpatbhai Vasava, Hon. Cabinet Minister of State, Government of Gujarat, who remained present during this unique program of Donate Life, said that today on 27th November, which is celebrated as ‘Indian Organ Donation Day’, the whole country is organizing various awareness programs to raise awareness for Organ Donation. Surat city has topped in the list of organs donated so far in India. Adding to that he said – “I would like to congratulate the whole team of Donate Life for regenerating 400 lives through organ donation. Besides that I also wish to greet the citizens of Surat who’re going contribute to this philanthropic activity.”

Talking about the prominent role played by Surat for Organ Donation in India, Hon’ble Parliamentary Secretary, Shri Purnesh Modi said that Surat is in the forefront for organ donation in India. Through the vibrant steps taken by Donate Life, more people are getting inspired for donating organs after brain death and thereby supporting the moral cause in society. Giving someone a gift of ‘Life’ through organ donation is not ordinary. Only brave hearted person can do so.

Speaking at the occasion of Walkathon’16, Shri Nirav Mandlewala, renowned young social entrepreneur and CEO of Donate Life said that “We need to support the families having Organ failure patient in it and for which you have to come ahead to pledge for organ donation. Let me share with you how proud I feel to be a Surati because the city donated 175 kidneys, 66 liver, 7 hearts, 3 pancreas, 152 eyes thereby giving new life to 400 people in the country. Surat has giant share of 40% in the total number of kidneys & livers donated in the State. Out of the total hearts donated to Maharashtra, as many as 25% are from Surat. And we’ve gathered here today to honour the enormous contribution of these organ donors and their families. As we know that Surat is known as a ‘Diamond City’ across the world, but now let us do something which makes it an ‘Organ Donation City’.

Sharing his experience about the valuable support from Donate Life, Shri Bhikhubhai Dhameliya from Dhameliya Brothers said that “Even if the activity carried out by Donate Life involves huge expense, Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala denied accepting any financial support, because this is not commercial activity. It would not be exaggerating to note that Mr. Mandlewala has almost set the world record in dedicatedly working for organ donation. Plus the support in this regard is provided to any needy person, regardless of any bias of social-economic status, caste etc. Shri Nilesh Mandlewala has set an example by following strict protocols of organ donation for his father rather than taking advantage of his power & position. I am not vouching for him (Shri Nilesh Mandlewala), my support is to the activities carried out by him so as to inspire more people for this noble cause.

This Program was supported by National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization and Common Wealth Youth Council. Indian Medical Association, Surat Medical Consultant Association, Surat Physician association, Surat Family Physician Association, Surat Nursing Association, Dhameliya Brothers, Vraj Diamonds and various socio – academic institutes, associations and Hospitals of Surat have actively supported towards making this program successful.

More than 7000 people enthusiastically participated in Donate Life Surat Walkthon’16 and took a pledge for organ donation.

The Program witnessed the presence of dignitaries and city’s eminent personalities, wherein Hon’ble Mayor of Surat, Smt. Asmitaben Shiroya, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister of State, Shri Ganpatbhai Vasava, Hon’ble Parliamentary Secretary Shri Purnesh Modi,  Hon’ble MLA Shri Janakbhai Bagdaanwala, Hon’ble MLA Smt. Zankhnaben Patel, Range IG Samsher Singh, Smt. Rupaben Shah, Chairman of Mahavir Hospital, Surat and Vice Chairman, Mahavir Hospital, Surat, Shri Shyambhai Agrawal, Dr. Anil Kumar, Vice President, Metas Of Seventh – Day Adventists Hospital, Shri Bharatbhai Shah of Surat based NGO, Chhanyado and Dr. Prafulbhai Shiroya, President of Lokdrashti Eye Bank, Surat remained present.

Saints of various religions also extended their supported for this noble deed of organ donation at Donate Life Surat Walkathon’16.