March 04, 2017

It was the 1st occasion in the city of Surat and Gujarat when the heart was transferred and transplanted from Surat to Chennai into 14 years old girl from UAE. A great example of communal harmony was set between two countries when the heart of 43 years old Hindu man from Surat was transplanted into 14 years old Muslim girl from UAE in Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai. Overall it was 9th-time when the heart was transferred from Surat through Donate Life. In last 8 occasions, the heart was transferred and transplanted from Surat to Mumbai. Here is the story of the heart touching real life incident:

Name: Parimalbhai Muljibhai Bhagat

Age: 43

Blood Group: A +ve

Residential Address: 74, Shridhar Society, Besides Panchvati Society, Opp. Tasty Restaurant, Jahangirpura, Olpad Road, Surat.

Native of: Village: Tandalja, Dist. Bodeli of Chhotaudepur

Family Details:

Wife: Jagruti Parimal Bhagat (Age: 43)

Working as a Teacher at Govt. School No: 285, at Kosad


1. Riddhi Parimal Bhagat (Age: 07)

Studying in 2nd Standard at Sanskaar Kunjshala, Narthana

2. Siddhi Parimal Bhagat (Age: 07)

Studying in 2nd Standard at Sanskaar Kunjshala, Narthana

Details of the incident:

On 2nd March 2017, Parimalbhai complained his wife Jagrutiben about a headache early in the morning so she tied a towel after applying balm on his head. Jagrutiben left for her duty as a Teacher at Govt. School no: 285, Kosad at 7:00 AM. At 9: 00 Am, when Parimalbhai’s parents tried to wake him up, he didn’t wake up. So, he was immediately admitted to BAPS Hospital in Surat for treatment under the supervision of Dr. Nilay Desai. The CT Scan Report revealed a Blood clotting in his brain due to the outbreak of veins. On 3rd March 2017, Neurosurgeon Dr. Hasmukh Sojitra and Neurophysician Dr. Roshan Patel declared Parimalbhai as brain dead.

Intensivist of BAPS Hospital, Dr. Chetan Mehta informed the President of Donate Life, Mr. Nileshbhai Mandlewala about Parimalbhai’s brain death. The team of Donate Life reached the hospital and explained the importance & procedure of Organ Donation to Parimalbhai’s wife, Jagrutiben, Brother-in-law, Kanaiyabhai Bhagat, Sister in law, Gargi. Parimalbhai’s Wife Jagrutiben told that as our family member is brain dead and his death is certain, it’s better to donate his precious organs and save the lives of kidney & liver failure patients rather than burning his organs to ashes.

On getting the consent of Parimalbhai’s family members, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala contacted Transplant Coordinator at Institute of Kidney & Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC) Priyaben Shah and informed her to take the donation of the kidneys. For Heart Donation, Sterling hospital and CIMS hospital of Ahmedabad were approached but due to the non-availability of A+ve blood group Heart recipient, Transplant Co-Ordinator of ZTCC in Maharashtra was approached. However, the heart transplant patients couldn’t be found there as well. So, Dr.Vimal Bhadari, Director of National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) and Dr. Suresh Badhaan were approached. Due to non-availability of A+ ve Blood group patient anywhere, they contacted Ms. Anjana, Coordinator of National Network of Organ Sharing in Tamil Nadu. Ms. Anjana collected the reports of Parimalbhai by contacting Mr.Nilesh Mandlewala. There was no Heart Transplant Patient with A+ ve Blood group with Indian origin in Tamil Nadu. Hence, they selected 14-year-old girl with UAE citizenship, whose name was registered in Fortis Malar Hospital of Chennai. Authorities of Fortis Malar Hospital confirmed it with Dr.Bhandari of NOTTO if the heart can be donated to the person with foreign citizenship. In response to which, Dr. Bhandari said that “Human life is precious, so the nationality doesn’t matter. Today, when we couldn’t find a needy heart failure patient with A+ ve blood group in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu, the precious organ should not be wasted due to such non-availability. It’s fair enough to donate this organ to the foreign citizen.”

So, after getting consent from NOTTO, Dr.Ganeshan, Dr.S.K. Chaudhary and Dr.Murli Krishna of Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai came to Surat for procuring the donated organ. Whereas the donation of the kidneys was accepted by the team of Dr.Jamal Rizvi from IKDRC, Ahmedabad.

The heart procured through organ donation was transplanted into Ms. Khadija Abdulla Obidalla (Age 14 years) a

resident of UAE. This Heart Transplantation was carried out at the Fortis Malar Hospital of Chennai by the team of

Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan.

Out of two donated kidneys, one kidney was transplanted into Sarika Pandey (Age 38) living in Varanasi, UP and

another kidney was transplanted into Nirav Patel (Age 33) living in Chhota Udepur, Gujarat.

This whole process of organ donation witnessed an invaluable co-operation of Parimalbhai’s wife Jagrutiben, his

brother Nimish and other family members, Neurosurgeon Dr. Hasmukh Sojitra, Neurophysician Dr. Roshan Patel,

Intensivist Dr. Chetan Mehta, Administrators & staff members of BAPS Hospital, President of Donate Life Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala,

Secretary of Donate Life Mr. Rakesh Jain, Trustee Mr.Hemant Desai, Mr.Nirav Mandlewala- CEO of Donate Life,

Devesh Bharucha, Denish Satasiya, Nimit Patel, Denish Chhowala, Ankit Patel, Subhash Jodhani,

Dhaval Prajapati, Yogesh Prajapati and Jitendra More.

Surat Police Commissioner also supported in this organ donation by declaring the route from BAPS Hospital to

Airport as a ‘Green Corridor’. Even if the Surat Airport doesn’t have the facility for the night take- off & lending,

the Director of Surat Airport Authority, Shri Pramod Kumar Thakre also supported by giving a permission of lending

at 3:30 AM.

The Heart was transferred far away to 1615 Kms in Chennai Fortis Malar Hospital in 155 minutes through the team

efforts and coordination of Donate Life.

So far, the team of Donate Life has given new life to 437 persons by playing an instrumental role in donating 189 kidneys,

70 livers, 4 pancreas, 9 hearts and 166 eyes through counseling the family members of organ dead persons.