February 15, 2017

Name: Lt.Shaileshbhai Gotlavala

Age: 48

Resident: Surat, Gujarat

Family members:

Wife, 2 daughters (age 22 and 18) and 1 son (age 15)

It was the 8th occasion in the city of Surat when heart was donated and transplanted from Surat to Mumbai after

family members of brain dead Shailehsbhai agreed upon donating his organs.

On 6 February 2017, 48 years old Shaileshbhai Gotlavala felt unconscious on the road while returning to his home at 8 PM.

People near to him on the road immediately called 108 ambulance and admitted him to Unique Hospital in Surat.

After CT scan, doctors found blood clot in his brain which was removed after an operation by Neurosurgeon Dr. Kirit Shah.

On 9th February he was shifted to Burhani hospital in Surat only under supervision of Dr.Umesh Shah but after

all the efforts by the doctors, he could not survive and on 10 February 2017 he was declared brain dead by

Neurosurgeon Dr.Hasmukh Sojitra, Neurophysician Dr.Paresh Zanzmera and Physician Dr.Umesh Shah.

Dr. Mukesh Aariwala called Donate Life President Shri Nilesh Mandlewala and informed about Shailehsbhai’s brain death.

Team Donate Life reached to hospital and started counselling with family members of Shaileshbhai.

After counselling by Team Donate Life and with permission of their family members team donate life informed IKDRC –

Ahmedabad (Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre) coordinator Priya Shah to accept the donation of

Kidneys and Liver whereas to receive the donation of heart, Sterling hospital and CIMS hospital in Ahmedabad were

contacted but as there was no heart recipient available, so team donate life contacted ZTCC Mumbai and informed

them for accepting the donation of Heart. Team of doctors from IKDRC rushed to Surat and accepted the donation of

Kidneys and Liver while the donation of heart was accepted by Fortis Hospital, Mumbai. Donation of eyes were

accepted by Lokdrashti Eye bank.

The donated heart was transplanted into 36 years old Vitthal Jadav living in Pune District. He was operated by Dr.

Anvay Mule and his team at Fortis Hospital in Mumbai. Vitthal Jadav was on the ventilator and ECMO system since 8 February

waiting for a heart donor. If heart was not made available to him in 10 days, it was almost impossible for him to survive.

After receiving the heart of Shaileshbhai, he was survived with the new lease of life.

One kidney was transplanted into Shri Krupal Hitendrabhai Master (Age 24 ) living in Surat. Another kidney was

transplanted into Shri Pravinaben Maheshbhai Thakkar (Age 53) living in Manasa and Liver procured have been kept

for the research. The transplant of kidneys were completed at IKDRC by Dr. Suresh Kumar and his team.>

Lt. Shaileshbhai is our hero and his family members are our heroes as well as they all agreed for cadaver organ donation.

We salute Lt.Shaileshbhai and his family members. We are thankful to Gotlawala’s Family members, Burhani

Hospital, Doctors and all the staff members of the hospital for helping us saving more lives.

From Surat and rest of South Gujarat region, till date, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala and Donate Life has received donation

of 187 kidneys, 70 livers, 4 pancreases, 8 hearts, and 166 eyes which helped 434 people to get a new life.

We request all the people of the society to create the awareness of cadaver organ donation and make other people hero too.

Call us for any information regarding cadaver organ donation. We would happy to give information to any

member of the society. Let’s join hands to save lives by cadaver organ donation.

Visit : www.donatelife.org.in

For joining the cause Email at : info@donatelife.org.in