(As On July 2016)

‘What We Have Is Material, What We Do Stays Forever’

Donate Life is a non-profit organisation of people who are willing to make the world a better place to live in. We were established on December 4, 2014.

Under the leadership of Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala who has dedicated his life to this cause since 2005 and with the support of other founder trustees, it has been our constant endeavour to contribute to the best abilities to this noble initiative.

There are over 20 lakh patients waiting for a kidney transplant in India - 2 lakh being added to that number every year. The number for various other organs like heart, liver, eyes are equally shocking. This worrisome situation has strengthened our resolve to save as many lives as we can.

As of Today, we at Donate Life have procured 504 Kidneys, 220 Livers, 8 Pancreas, 51 Hearts, 48 Lungs, 4 Hands & 399 Cornea, and a total of 1237 Organs and Tissue donations  which gave new lease of life and vision to 1137 organ failure patients in our country and globe.

Donate Life is the pioneer for the first ever successful cadaver heart transfer and transplant in Western India. Donate Life is also the pioneer in first ever inter state heart transplant from Surat, Gujarat to Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Donate Life is also responsible for carrying out the first-ever bone donation, successfully from Gujarat. 45% of the cadaveric kidney & liver transplants at Institute Of Kidney Disease & Research Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 20% of the heart transplants at Mumbai's Fortis Hospital have taken place due to the efforts of our organisation. Also, out of the 5 heart transplants that have taken place at Ahmedabad's CIMS hospital, 3 have been donated from Surat through Donate Life.

We are committed to spreading awareness for the importance of cadaver organ donation. We were established for two purposes:

- To spread awareness and make cadaver donation possible, by increasing the number of cadaver organ donations in India and facilitating the entire process.

- To prevent the alarming number of kidney and liver failure cases that happen in India and also provide them with a new lease of life.

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