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It was an instance when a renowned national media Zee Media Corp. Ltd. recognized the selfless service to humanity & noble work carried out by Surat based NGO Donate Life, for its incredible work in the field of cadaver organ donation, through its reputed inspirational show called Dr. Subhash Chadra Show (a show to engage with the youth from across India to motivate them, share ideas and help young entrepreneurs & aspiring minds). The episode (based on the theme of having a Role Model in life) featuring the enormous contribution of Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala in the field of Organ Donation was telecasted on 15th July, Saturday on ZEE Business at 7 PM and on ZEE News at 10 PM and on a preceding day 16th July, Sunday on ZEE News and ZEE Business at 11 AM.

During the Show, Dr. Subhash Chandra, Indian Media Baron, Chairman of Indian Conglomerate Essel Group and Host of the DSC Show had a candid conversation with Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala, an entrepreneur, renowned social worker and the Founder & President of Surat based NGO ‘Donate Life’.

While welcoming Mr. Nilesh Mandlewala to the show, Dr. Subhash Chandra introduced him as a Role Model, who selflessly works for the welfare of the society. He then showed a visual presentation on Donate Life to brief the audience about the motive & functioning of Donate Life.

Following are the highlights of their conversation.

Q: Dr. Subhash Chandra: How did you overcome the difficulties related to conservatism related to organ donation, which prohibits the donation of organs after death?

A: Mr. Nilesh: When we started this initiative, on the Spot Counseling of people whom you have never met before and encourage them to donate the organs of their brain dead relative used to enrage people so much that they abused us. At times, people whom we counsel get so agitated that we could have been thrashed by them. But all these challenges could not hold us back in our endeavours. And we kept on working to give hope & help to the organ failure patients and their families by spreading awareness for Cadaver Organ Donation.

Q: Dr. Subhash Chandra: I believe that as per the law you can only donate organs to your relatives. Kindly share with us your knowledge on this.

A: Mr. Nilesh: There are two types of transplants-

  1. Live Transplant, in which the organ of a family member is transplanted. However, if by any reason such transplant is impossible due to reasons like – the relative donor having a problem of hyper tension or diabetes; then such transplant is not possible.
  2. The other option is ‘Cadaver Organ Donation’, in which if someone’s heart is failed; then such organ failure patient can get the heart through organ donation from a brain dead person.

Plus an Act called HUTA (Human Transplant Organ Act) formed in 1994 & amended in 2011, allows even the donation of tissues. However, buying organs for cash is not allowed in India.

More than 5 lakh people die due to organ failure in our country. And every year more than 1.5 lakh people become brain dead in accident, brain hemorrhage, brain stroke and other such reasons. India is lagging far behind as far as organ donation is concerned. Our share in Organ Donation is only 0.5%, mostly due to our religious beliefs & customs. And that’s why we work round the clock we work for raising Organ Donation Awareness among the general public.

Q: Dr. Subhash Chandra: The whole process from Organ Donation to Organ Transplantation needs the latest facilities. So how do you manage such issues for facilitating Organ Donation & Organ Transplantation smoothly?

A: Mr. Nilesh: As far as Surat is concerned, we don’t have transplantation facility in Surat. So, the donated kidney and liver are sent to IKDRC (Institute Of Kidney Disease And Research Centre) in Ahmedabad, whereas the donated Heart is sent to Mumbai or Chennai. Time is critical factor in organ transplantation. So, we emphasize on saving time by sending the blood sample and other info. to the concerned centre in advance. Heart transplant is like ‘Race against time’ because heart transplant should be done within 4 hours. For facilitating heart transplant, Surat Police has also supported this noble cause by declaring the route from various hospitals to airport as ‘Green Corridor’.

Q: Dr. Subhash Chandra: What message would like to convey to today’s youth?’

A: Mr. Nilesh: Organ Donation is the greatest donation. So if you find any case of Brain death around you; come forward and join hands with Donate Life to restart another life, which is fighting against organ failure. Donated organs of brain dead person can be the reason of someone’s revival. Your initiative in this direction will give new life to not only the person who’ll be benefited through organ donation but it will also prove as a blessing to the beneficiary’s family.

Q: Dr. Subhash Chandra: Does the Surat city command a status of ‘a Centre for Organ Donation’ due to its noteworthy role in the area of organ donation in India?

A: Mr. Nilesh: Till now Surat city had been known for its remarkable contribution in the Textile and Diamond industries, but with our persistent efforts Surat is rapidly moving towards becoming an ‘Organ Donor City’ of India.

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