13th Heart Donation from Surat Transferred to Indore and Transplanted into 21 Years Old Boy

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This was the 13th incident of heart donation in Surat while family members of Kachrabhai agreed to donate his heart when doctors declared him brain dead.

15th August 2017 came as a shock for Kachrabhai’s family members when he slipped from his bike and got unconscious. He was admitted to Sunrise Hospital in Udhna for the primary treatment. Later, he was shifted to METAS of Seventh Day Adventists Hospital under Dr. A D Bam on 16th August 2017 where doctors found brain haemorrhage after CT scan. Kachrabhai lost the battle though and on 17th August, Thursday, Neurosurgeon Dr. Kirit Shah and Neurophysician Dr. Paresh Zanzmera declared him brain dead.

Dr. Ankit Gajjar from METAS of Seventh Day Adventists Hospital informed Donate Life President Nilesh Mandlewala about Kachrabhai. The team of Donate Life reached the hospital and explained the importance & procedure of Organ Donation to Kachrabhai’s son Sunnykumar and other members of the family. Family members of Kachrabhai said, “It’s better to donate his precious organs and save the lives of needy patients rather than burning his organs to ashes.”

On getting the consent of Kachrabhai’s family members, Nilesh Mandlewala contacted Dr. Pranjal Modi at Institute of Kidney & Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC) and informed him to take the donation of kidneys and liver whereas for donation of heart, he contacted CIMS and Sterling Hospital but there was no recipient so he contacted Dr. Sujata Patvardhan at ROTTO (Region Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) to take the donation of heart. The waiting list of ROTTO showed patient from Indore city in a need of the heart, so the heart was donated to CHL Hospital in Indore.

The donation of heart was accepted by Dr.Pradip Pokharna from CHL hospital, Indore and Dr.Anvay Mule and his team from Fortis Hospital, Mumbai.

The donation of kidneys and liver were accepted by Dr. Suresh Kumar and his team from IKDRC whereas donation of eyes was accepted by doctors from Lokdrashti Chakshu Bank.

The heart collected from METAS Seventh Day Adventists Hospital, Surat was reached to CHL Hospital, Indore after passing 450 KM in 110 minutes and transplanted into Yogesh Saroj, age 21, a resident of Indore by Dr. Manish Porwal, Dr. Anvay Mule and his team.

Yogesh wanted to serve the country by joining the police force while doing the physical exercise he started experiencing some breathing problems. After consulting to CHL hospital the report showed, the heart was pumping 15 to 20% less. From last 6 months, he had been facing severe heart problem.

Out of two donated kidneys, one kidney was transplanted into Jayesh Mahendrabhai Thakkar, age 32, living in Ahmedabad and another kidney was transplanted into Ramesh Motilal Nagda, age 28, living in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. The liver was transplanted into Prakashbhai Mohanbhai Prajapati, age 40 living in Vadodara. Transplantation of kidney and liver did by Dr. Pranjal Modi, Dr. Jamal Rizvi and their team from IKDRC.

This whole process of organ donation witnessed an invaluable cooperation of Kachrabhai’s wife Ashaben, son Sunnykumar, daughters Pooja and Shital, Nephew Naresh and Upendra, other family members, Neurosurgeon Dr. Kirit Shah, Neurophysician Dr.Paresh Zanzmera, Dr. A D Bam, Dr. Ankit Gajjar, Dr. Bishwas, Dr. Vikesh Revdiwala, Coordinators and staff of METAS and Wockhardt Hospital, President of Donate Life Nilesh Mandlewala, Secretary of Donate Life Rakesh Jain, Trustee Hemant Desai, CEO of Donate Life Nirav Mandlewala, Nimit Patel, Denish Satasiya, Asfaque Ibrahim, Subhash Jodhani, Dhaval Prajapati, Yogesh Prajapati and Jitendra More.

So far the team of Donate Life has given new life to 503 persons by playing an instrumental role in donating 217 kidneys, 86 livers, 6 pancreases, 13 hearts and 184 eyes through counselling the family members of organ dead persons.

Surat and Indore Police Commissioners also supported in this organ donation by declaring the route from METAS Seventh Day Adventists Hospital, Surat to Airport and CHL hospital, Indore to Indore Airport as a ‘Green Corridor’.

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