10th Heart Donation from Surat to Mumbai and Transplanted into Ukraine Old Lady

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Name: Ravi Thakarshibhai Devani
Age: 22
Blood Group: A +ve
Residential Address: 275/276- Section- B, Shyamnagar Society, Kamrej, Surat
Native of: Village: Saavda, Khambha of Amreli Dist.
Family Details: Father: Thakarshibhai Balubhai Devani (Age: 50)
Associated with the Construction business
Mother: Leelaben Thakarshibhai Devani (Age: 47)
Brother: Satish Thakarshibhai Devani (Age: 25), Running a Business of Imitation Jewellery with the name of Morya Fashion
Details of the incident:
On the afternoon of Thursday, 6th April 2017, between 1.30 to 2:00 PM, Ravi was going to a place at Jivraj Park in Ahmedabad, (where he stays as a Paying guest) to have his lunch. When he left the office of HDFC ERGO General Insurance, located on the CG Road of Ahmedabad; his bike collided with a cow at Dharnidhar, near Amrapali apartment, besides Sharda temple. Ravi fell down from the bike and turned unconscious due to having serious injuries in his head and right leg. Hence, he was taken to V.S. Hospital through 108 ambulance service. After giving him primary treatment at V.S. Hospital, he was transferred to HOPE Neurocare Hospital for further treatment under the supervision of Neurosurgeon Dr. Manthan Patel and Dr. Navin Patel. The CT Scan Report diagnosed him with a Blood clotting in his brain. Neurosurgeon Dr. Manthan Patel removed it through a craniotomy.
On Sunday, 9th April 2017, Neuro Physician Dr. Bhadresh Mangukiya, Neuro Surgeon Dr. Vihang Sali and Investigationist Dr. Mahesh Sutariya declared Ravi as brain dead.
Dr. Samir Gami and Dr. Mahesh Sutariya informed the President of Donate Life, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala about Ravi’s brain death.
The team of Donate Life reached the hospital and explained the importance & procedure of Organ Donation to Ravis’ father Thakarshibhai, Brother Satish, Cousin Jaysukhbhai , Prafulbhai and Pintubhai, brother-in-law Jigneshbhai and other family members.

heart transplant
Ravi’s father Thakarshibhai , Brother Satishbhai, cousins and other family members said that as our son is brain dead and his death is certain, it’s better to donate his precious organs and save the lives of kidney & liver failure patients rather than burning his organs to ashes. Further to that, they said that we often used to read about organ donation in the newspapers. Now that the brain death has happened in our family, we will support the organ donation. They also appealed the general public to donate the organs of a bbrain-deadperson.

On getting the consent of Ravi’s family members, Shri Nilesh Mandlewala contacted Transplant Coordinator at Institute of Kidney & Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC) Priyaben Shah and Dr. Pranjal Modi and informed him take the donation of kidney, liver and pancreas.

heart donation

For Heart Donation, when Sterling hospital and CIMS hospital of Ahmedabad were approached. But due to the absence of Heart Transplant patients, ZTCC, Mumbai was approached. However, no Indian patient with A+ blood group could be found at ZTCC, Mumbai as well. Hence, Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Director of National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) and Dr. Suresh Badhan from NOTTO were contacted. NOTTO approached ROTTO at Delhi, Gurgaon, Tamil Nadu. But, there also the patients with A+ blood group couldn’t be found.

ZTCC, Mumbai notified NOTTO that if there are no Indian patients in the list of various ROTTO, the heart may be donated to the foreign citizen from the list of ZTCC’s needy patients. NOTTO had approached various ROTTO for donating heart to Indian patient. But due to non availability of Indian patient with A+ blood group, it was decided to transplant the donated heart to the foreigner.

The donation of kidney, liver and pancreas was accepted by the team of Dr. Jamal Rizvi from Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC), Ahmedabad, whereas the donation of heart was accepted by the team of Dr. Anvay Mule from Fortis Hospital, Mumbai. Donation of eyes was accepted by Dr. Praful Shiroya of Lokdrashti Eye Bank.

The heart procured through organ donation was transplanted to Ms. Nataliya Omelchuk (Age: 27), a Resident of Ukraine. This Heart Transplantation was carried out at the Fortis Hospital, Mulund in Mumbai by the Chief Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Anvay Mule and his team.

Transplantation process of both the kidneys and pancreas procured through organ donation is going on at Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC), Ahmedabad. The liver procured through organ donation was transplanted to the resident of Surat Mr. Umang Bimalbhai Patel (Age: 31) by Dr. Pranjal Modi & his team.

This whole process of organ donation witnessed an invaluable co-operation of Ravi’s father Thakarshibhai, brother Satish, Cousins Jaysukhbhai, Prafulbhai and Pintubhai, Brother- in-law Jigneshbhai and the other members of Devani family. Neuro Physician Dr. Bhadresh Mangukiya, Neuro Surgeon Dr. Vihang Sali, Investigationist Dr. Mahesh Sutariya, Dr. Amit Patel, Dr. Samir Gami, administrators & Staff of Unity Hospital. President of Donate Life Shri Nilesh Mandlewala, Secretary of Donate Life Shri Rakesh Jain, Trustee Shri Hemant Desai, Shri Nirav Mandlewala, CEO of Donate Life, Program officer, Subhash Jodhani, Dhaval Prajapati, Yogesh Prajapati and Jitendra More.

So far the team of Donate Life has given new life to 452 persons by playing instrumental role in donating 194 kidneys, 73 livers, 5 pancreas, 10 hearts and 172 eyes through counseling the family members of organ dead persons.

Surat Police Commissioner also supported in this organ donation by declaring the route from Unity Hospital to Airport as a ‘Green Corridor’. Director of Surat Airport, Mr. Pramod Thakre also supported this noble cause of organ donation.

This heart transplantation was successfully done to Ukraine’s resident Ms. Nataliya Omelchuk (Age: 27) by the chief Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Anvay Mule and his team. The heart was transferred and transplanted by cutting the distance of 269 KMs from Untiy Hospital to Mumbai Mulund’s Fortis Hospital.

The first heart transplant in India was done in 1994. This is the 10th incident of heart transplantation from Surat in the last 17 months. While 9 hearts procured through organ donation were transferred to Mumbai’s Mulund Fortis Hospital, 1 heart was sent to Chennai.

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